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Talent Systems


LMx Talent Systems use data science to help clients select and develop high-performing lawyers who stay at the firm longer. Additionally, we provide systems for tracking engagement and setting priorities for improvement at all levels in the organization.

Predictive Hiring Model

The LMx Predictive Hiring Model uses a firm’s internal performance data and analytics to identify the shared biographical characteristics of successful hires. The PHM gives clients the ability to leverage that information during on-campus interviews, in turn selecting the candidates who are most likely to excel in the firm’s distinctive culture.

Clients who have implemented the PHM for summer associate hiring report a dramatic decrease in time allocated to screening resumes prior to on-campus interviews and a marked performance increase in associates hired using the PHM.

Organizational Success Study

LMx uses a combination of survey and assessments data to identify the behaviors and traits of a firm’s most successful associates and partners. The result of the OSS is a data-driven, firm-specific “competency model.” With this model, our clients establish overall talent strategy, set objective performance standards and deploy professional development programs that integrate with the firm’s business strategy.

Structured Panel Interview Training

Building on the OSS, the LMx SPI focuses on candidates’ behaviors as they relate to job-specific competencies. Using the competency model that includes the traits and behaviors shared by the most successful lawyers, LMx develops firm-specific, behavior-based interview questions and trains interviewers using the SPI Protocol. Use of SPI ensures our clients’ significant investment in selection, professional training and development, and is based on valid and reliable information that is directly tied to success.

A ten-year client study demonstrated that, by using the LMx SPI, a firm that hired 50 associates per year would see a net gain of six high performing associates four years following the date of hire. The cost of replacing those six associates, had they left, was more than $2.5 million dollars.

Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

The LMx Engagement and Satisfaction Survey collects confidential quantitative and qualitative data to measure employee engagement and uncover what drives job satisfaction. A client study demonstrated, in a period even as short as two years, the largest gains (10%) in engagement and satisfaction were realized in the specific area of deficiency identified by our ESS and acted on by our client. In addition, by increasing attorney engagement, our client’s attrition rate decreased.

Upward Reviews for Partners

The LMx Upward Leadership Review for Partners collects confidential quantitative and qualitative data to measure the unique proficiencies required of partners and practice leaders. The LMx survey format allows non-partners to confidentially assess proficiency in areas that impact client service, engagement, job satisfaction and retention. Partners receive a confidential and individualized report that highlights areas of proficiency and areas where they, and the firm, would benefit from continued professional development.  A summary report is also provided to the firm’s leadership.

Upward Reviews for Firm Leadership

The LMx Upward Review for Firm Leadership collects confidential quantitative and qualitative data to measure unique proficiencies required of individuals charged with Firm Management. The LMx survey format allows partners to assess proficiency of the firm’s Chair, Managing Partner, and Department Chairs in areas that impact the business of law. Each leader receives a confidential individualized report that highlights areas of strength and areas where they, and the firm, would benefit from their continued professional development. A summary report is provided to firm leadership. Our clients use the results to establish a standard of excellence among firm leadership, create collaboration and accountability among firm leaders, and develop individual professional development plans.

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