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As analytics partner to the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, LawyerMetrix is using data science to develop innovative approaches to analyzing and tracking Diversity & Inclusion in the legal profession. LMx’s analytics-based services give legal industry leaders the objective foundations they need to identify top-performing firms, set firm-specific priorities, and track progress over time. We give industry stakeholders potent information that supports their efforts to increase D&I in the legal profession.


Corporate Legal Departments

Diversity Benchmarking Report – The LMx Diversity Benchmarking Report lays the groundwork for a data-driven D&I improvement strategy that is led by the corporate legal department. LMx uses E-billing and demographic data to benchmark outside counsel diversity (1) by headcounts, hours and fees, broken down by diverse/non-diverse race ethnicity, by gender and other diversity categories, and (2) by comparing diversity performance for each firm against their respective business allocations. 

Diversity Snapshot – The LMx Diversity Snapshot reports key diversity metrics in a two-page document that is individualized for each law firm. The Snapshot benchmarks each firm against a longer list of firms selected by the legal department, and provides each firm with a single number – their LMx Legal Diversity Score. Using the Snapshot, our clients can collaborate with firms to work toward improvement in diversity based on a factual foundation rooted in evidence. The Snapshot makes it easy to:

  • Compare the representation and utilization of diverse lawyers across the legal department’s outside counsel;
  • Efficiently measure and track firms’ progress using the LMx Legal Diversity Score;
  • Provide outside counsel with a concrete document that demonstrates both the legal department’s responsiveness and its commitment to measuring and tracking diversity progress.

Advanced Analytics for D&I – LMx uses its proprietary data and the legal department’s E-billing data to prepare an information-rich report that includes descriptive and exploratory components. The descriptive component generates statistically rigorous descriptions of demographic diversity for outside counsel. The exploratory component identifies patterns that are helpful for understanding diverse attorneys’ utilization and billings in relation to a statistically grounded “all else equal” baseline.

Law Firms

Annual State of Diversity Analysis – LMx provides a three-tiered program of in-depth analysis to break down and benchmark our client’s internal operations by key utilization and retention metrics across offices, practice areas and more. Our clients use the results to increase utilization and engagement of diverse attorneys, develop overall talent and recruiting strategy and increase retention and promotion of diverse attorneys.

  1. Internal Diversity Utilization Analysis - LMx produces analysis and visuals to demonstrate how diverse attorneys are being engaged and utilized across the firm. Our clients use the results to standardize best practices, develop strategy to address under-utilization of diverse attorneys, and increase engagement, retention and promotion of diverse lawyers across the firm.
  2. Benchmarking and Geographic Markets Analysis - LMx produces analysis and visuals to demonstrate a firm’s relative D&I performance. This includes both peer comparisons and analysis that shows how the diversity narrative changes when data is adjusted to account for regional office demographics. Our clients use this analysis to demonstrate their firm-wide commitment to diversity while recognizing that demographic variation across regional labor markets is related to firms’ overall diversity numbers.
  3. Custom D&I Projects - LMx uses its statistical and domain expertise to solve unique problems. These bespoke projects address broad areas of interest in D&I, ranging from analysis of differences in utilization or origination within the firm to statistical tests for implicit bias in performance reviews or assignment networks, among many others.

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