Data analysis

Data Analysis for Strategic Decisions

Today your firm faces unprecedented competition. LawyerMetrix helps you identify the
opportunities that will best position your firm to stand out. We analyze the U.S. legal
market by client type, practice area, geography and industry. And, we break down your
firm’s internal data to identify key strengths. Our client-centric focus helps you derive
insights that you can use to improve service delivery, profitability and efficiency.

Research and insights

Research and Insights

We provide industry-level briefings to law firms, law schools, legal departments and other industry stakeholders. Our researchers and analysts are industry experts and skilled communicators of complex, data-driven information on topics including:

• Diversity
• Human Capital Strategy and Best Practices
• Industry Insights
• Lateral Partner Market
• Law Firm Strategy
• Legal Education
• Structural Change

Human capital management

Human Capital Management

The greatest competitive advantage in the legal industry is better lawyers working together as a team. LawyerMetrix specializes in Human Capital Management: creating a set of evidence-based systems to select, recruit, develop, retain and promote top talent.

Engagement and Satisfaction Survey (ESS)
We uncover key drivers of job satisfaction and other performance indicators to assess the impact of internal programs and initiatives.

Organizational Success Study (OSS)
We develop models that communicate the core competencies required for success at your firm to assist in your hiring, training and advancement decisions.

Structured Panel Interviews (SPI)
We create and implement a structured behavioral interview system to help you get more out of the interview process.

Biographical Inventories
We develop a firm-specific predictive model that determines whether biographical factors are correlated positively or negatively with performance, and we use this model to identify the job candidates who are most likely to succeed at your firm.